Are You a Foreign Service Officer or Specialist with One of These Career Problems?

Unfair performance appraisal
Low ranking
Designation for separation
Denial of tenure
Time-in-class separation
Disciplinary proposal
Security clearance suspension

If the answer is “YES,” then you need an expert, caring attorney to litigate a grievance for you. I can provide the dedicated representation necessary to get your career back on track.

Bridget R. Mugane

Bridget R. Mugane

Attorney at Law

Specializing solely in Foreign Service grievances for over 30 years, I can provide expert legal representation to save or advance a valuable diplomatic career. Litigating on behalf of both Foreign Service generalists and specialists worldwide, I have set numerous precedents strengthening employee rights and saving many jobs.

Grievances are legal proceedings. I provide full legal services rather than advising clients on pleadings they have drafted as a layperson; such pleadings often lack a legal theory based on cited regulations and laws, and are not adequately substantiated. Sometimes fatal errors are made that cannot be overcome later.

I research and write all pleadings, developing powerful legal arguments that utilize regulations and policies as well as case precedents. Working with you, I develop witness statements and identify exhibits as well as claiming all remedies to which you may be entitled. Over 80% of my cases have been won or favorably settled.

I represent employees at the Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) as well as other foreign affairs agencies. Faced with a convincing, well-developed case, agencies often resolve the matter by settling with my clients at the outset.

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